The majestic Kudu originates from Eastern and Southern Africa. They rely on thickets for security and are rarely found in open or scattered bush. The Kudu is known for its astonishing jumps and the ability to hide. The Kudu can jump up to 9 feet and 10 inches when frightened. Kudu tends to be nervous and alert. They can stay very still making them hard to spot. If frightened they may move away quickly and give a loud sharp bark noise.
The horns of a Kudu are striking and beautiful. All male Kudu's have long-spiraled horns varying in color from light tan to deep brown almost black. They make exceptional trophies and wall mounts. They can grow as long as 72 inches making 2 twists. Unlike most other antelope species, they tend to use their horns to move more easily through dense bush rather than in defense.
The Kudu meat is similar to venison with a slight gamey like or liver flavor. It can be dry so we suggest using a marinate or being cautious with cooking methods to avoid over drying. It is also very lean and when prepared correctly can be healthy and delicious.