You are welcome to hunt our Texas trophy anyway you choose - bow hunting, pistol hunting, safari style, from a blind, or spot and stalk. Berryhill Ranch hunts year-round, but please note that all hunts are booked on a first come, first serve basis. We strive to ensure all of our guests are satisfied with the service they receive and do our best to accommodate all guest schedules. **A $1,000 non-refundable deposit is required for all reservations.** We consider a wounded animal to be a trophy kill and will make every effort to retrieve your trophy.

American Bison

The American bison often referred to as the buffalo is a great Texas hunt. These are the largest mammals in North America! In 2016 the bison became the official United States mammal joining the rankings of other symbolic creatures such as the bald eagle.


The aoudad are a more challenging species to hunt. Although these exotic creatures cannot run especially fast, once they get spooked they hit a loop and run for miles without stopping. Today you can challenge your hunting skills with our large herd of 30 here at Berryhill in Texas.

Axis Deer

The axis deer is a beautiful Indian native; easily identified by their striking reddish-brown coats and intricate white spots on either side. These deer have a keen sense of smell and will "bark" to alarm the herd when they fear a hunting predator is near. They can run up to 40 miles an hour and are considered to be the most superb venison in not only Texas, but the world!


The blackbuck is the 4th fasted running land animal in the world, matching the lion's speed of 50 MPH! During the 1800's the blackbuck was the most popularly hunted wild animal in India, today you can challenge yourself with this quick gain here in Texas at Berryhill Exotic Hunting Ranch.

Black Hawaiian

The black Hawaiian ram is a member of the sheep family. The ram's agility allows them to adapt and thrive in many terrains, from large grassy plains to steep rocky hillsides. Another excellent adaptation is the ram's resistance to worms and other sheep illnesses. You can find these animals here at Berryhill.

Catalina Goat

Catalina goats are known for their extremely wide horns, making them impressive trophy mounts. With no seasonal restrictions, they have become one of the most frequently hunted exotics. Their horns, on average, spread between 30 to 40 inches and have a length between 20 to 30 inches.

Corsican Ram

This Texas made ram may be one of the most sought-after and hunted exotics in the U.S. Both the male and female bare horns. The males' horns are significantly larger than the female, often outweighing the rest of the bones in their bodies, combined. This beautiful trophy is one you will enjoy for years to come.

Fallow Deer

The fallow deer is known for its unique call, a  groaning or burp-like sound often heard while hunting these animals. This Central European native is a member of "the boy’s club," often separating into separate male and female groups until mating season here in Texas. This may make them easier to identify but this species of deer can be a challenge, as they often go under obstacles rather than over.


The gemsbok hails from Southern Africa and is formerly known as the East African oryx. A YouTube search of this beast will quickly reveal they're a force to be reckoned with. The gemsbok is notorious for fighting lions and cheetahs and most notably, winning. Accept the challenge of the gemsbok here at Berryhill.


The elusive kudu may be known for their quick sprints, but their ability to hide while being hunted is much more astonishing. The kudu has antlers that can reach up to 60 inches high, yet this beast has still adapted a way hide from pray. To say the least, a kudu trophy is rather impressive to catch here on the Berryhill Ranch in Texas.

Red Stag

If you think all species of deer are meek while being hunted, think again. The red stag is one of the largest deer species in not only Texas but the world. The average adult male weighs 440 lbs and is considerably stout and strongly built. In a herd, these deer can create a miniature stampede. You can find these monumental animals here at Berryhill.

Scimitar Oryx

The scimitar oryx is a member of the antelope family. This beautiful beast went extinct in their native homeland of Northern Africa in 2000. Today this rare species can only be found in reserves in Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal and on private exotic hunting ranches in Texas, like ours.

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Here at Berryhill, we offer a variety of hunting options. You are welcome to hunt your trophy anyway you choose.

You will also have a professional guide that can assist in picking the ideal hunting style and location for your desired trophy. Some of these animals are so challenging pistol and bow will just not be an option, feel free to check with our staff and guide before booking your hunt to ensure you can hunt using your desired method.

There will be ATV transportation provided to take you to and from hunting areas, or to any of our 10 different blinds. We will also transport your trophy kill to our processing area for caping and quartering. We also have a local taxidermist on stand by and will be happy to contact him on your behalf if desired.