Catalina Goat





*Rates are all inclusive with the exception of our $150 daily guide fee.
*Meat hunts are available to add to management or trophy hunt, $1500 minimum for weekend hunts.

The Catalina Goat is a descendant of a handful brought to Santa Catalina Island by Spanish missionaries in the 1800s. They brought domesticated goats that over time mated with feral goats bringing us the wide variety we have today. Both the Angora or New Zealand goats are classified as Catalina Goats. They are not the fastest species but they are quite the challenge to hunt. They are frightened easily and are capable of climbing away in seconds. There are no seasonal restrictions with the Catalina, making them a prized trophy to hunt year around. These beautiful trophies can also be pests! In 1990 a team of biologist armed with high-powered rifles, radios and helicopters eliminated as many as 3000 of the Catalina Goat as they were devastating the natural ecosystem of the Catalina Island. Their horns grow up and out from the head like wings making them an impressive trophy mount. They can grow to a length of 50 inches! However, the average length of the Catalina Goat’s horns is anywhere from 20 to 30 inches. Females generally do not grow horns, if they do they will be shortly curved cones approximately 4 to 6 inches long. Like most Goat meats, the taste and texture will vary from that of venison, but it can be quite delicious if cooked properly. You can cook goat meat straight over the grill, though your meat could end up a bit coarse. It is recommended to use a wine sauce and cook in a slow cooker to get the most out of your game.