Texas Aoudad



Meat Hunt


Trophy Ram (Up to 30")


Super Trophy Ram (30" plus)


*Rates are all inclusive with the exception of our $150 daily guide fee.
*Meat hunts are available to add to management or trophy hunt, $1500 minimum for weekend hunts.

The Aoudad is native to the Atlas Mountains of North Africa. Although they are now rare in their homeland, they can be found in both Southern Europe and on exotic hunting ranches like Berryhill Exotic Hunting Ranch. Aoudad Sheep are more active in the early morning and late afternoon, resting during the mid of the day. These are smart, wary animals with an excellent sense of smell and even better hearing and vision. During Aoudad Sheep hunting, you have to get really good coverage to avoid them seeing or hearing you. They'll travel fast and far once they know you’re there! They have thick curving horns which are present in both male and female. Their horns grow longer as they get older, and can reach over 30 inches from base to tip. Aoudad horns make great hunting trophies. They can also be used to make knife handles, drinking vessels, and composite bows.
The Aoudad are muscular animals due to coming from steep terrain. Because of this, Aoudads have received a bit of a bad reputation for having extremely tough, strong-tasting meat. But, some hunters have suggested they taste good ground into hamburger or sausage for some added flavor.