The Watusi have a similar build to the domestic cow. They are a cross between an ancient Egyptian breed of longhorn cattle and the Zebu cattle from Pakistan and India. Most notably, this unique bovine is known for its impressive upturned horns. These horns can reach up to 5 feet in length, they resemble tree trunks. Most of the tribes that keep Watusi keep them in what is known as a semi-nomadic pastoral. This means they move the cattle for some of the years and maintain a base camp for crops. The Watusi can withstand a variety of climates and adapt quickly to the environment. Their diet, like most cattle, is comprised of grasses and leaves making their meat low in fat and cholesterol. Some farmers crossbreed watusi cattle with domestic cows to increase the fat level for butter production. Watusi meat can be quite the butchering process, but it's worth it! These cattle taste fantastic and are most often served as burgers or enjoyed in a tasty roast.