Scimitar Oryx


The Scimitar Oryx once widespread throughout northern Africa is now extinct in their homeland. The decline of the Scimitar Oryx in the wild was due to many factors including climate change and over-harvesting for their horns. Here's a fun fact the kids will enjoy; the Scimitar Oryx may be behind the secret to the legend of the unicorn! You can find them in herds of both male and female members, up to 70 in one herd!
Both the Male and Female Scimitar Oryx’s have horns, the horns are sharp-tipped and ridged for protection. These horns curve backward and can grow up to several feet long! As the Scimitar Oryx is a grazing animal they have a mild flavor and taste more similar to a cow than that of a deer, but boy do they taste great! Some have called the Scimitar Oryx the next best thing to Elk. Most hunters recommend a good rub and a grill to enjoy this exotic game!